If you really want progress you have to let go of the illusion of yourself.


The Reason I Share…

I want to start out by contradicting the title, and getting the NOT out of the way. You know, the thing that ties everything up. The reason I am NOT sharing is for numbers. I feel a lot of times people make content to gain a following. That is not the objective with this blog. The objective of this blog is to bring like minded individuals together for inspirational purposes, or at least for that feeling of “I’m not alone” in my thinking. On a side note I will not be doing too many written blogs. My sentence structure is terrible, and I feel I speak better through my poems. Also thank you to the people who have liked and subscribed to my blog. I really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing your future works. You are amazing. Keep writing, or righting which ever one you associate with.

Words (Poem)

Its weird that words are multidimensional within metaphor.

Like hunger is the same as desire
If I hunger for something I desire it.

Blue can mean sad, and somehow heart and love are linked.

My heart is my soul.
My soul is my mind.
My mind is in control.
Control is in my eyes.
My eyes are on my goal.
My goal is to succeed.
Success is on my breath.
Success is what I breathe.
Breath is in my chest.
My chest is my core.
My core is inspiration.
For the places that I soar.

Leaky Attic (Poem)

I wrote a musical today but the clouds didn’t want to hear it..
They kept saying something about the rain.
People who come over say my attics a little leaky.
I think that could be whats drowning all my thoughts.
eh who knows? I don’t know anything about roofing.
I do know if you are standing on one you are bound to see something interesting, possibly a fork in the road.
I would tell someone traveling the road.

“one path is surely a right path”
but what do I know about right and wrong or traveling for that matter.