Old times New Equals (Poem)

Who knew, Blue rhymes
Grew from, New times
Two times, Lives lived
True minds, true lives
Time will tell, to swell
Too Shelled, to stopped up
Truth tells tales a failing swell
Feeling well, well feeling well
Deep as a well, well Deep as a whale.
I’ll sleep as I dwell
Dream in the pale. Rain in my mind
Or cold as snow
I wonder why, cutting ties
Leading to believing in demise
As I realize, dreamers dream
Battle the rabble to self loathe
Self-esteem things we never mean
Things we don’t believe can grow.


Words (Poem)

Its weird that words are multidimensional within metaphor.

Like hunger is the same as desire
If I hunger for something I desire it.

Blue can mean sad, and somehow heart and love are linked.

My heart is my soul.
My soul is my mind.
My mind is in control.
Control is in my eyes.
My eyes are on my goal.
My goal is to succeed.
Success is on my breath.
Success is what I breathe.
Breath is in my chest.
My chest is my core.
My core is inspiration.
For the places that I soar.